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Illuminate California provides incentives to replace existing lighting with higher efficiency products in qualified commercial and industrial buildings across California.

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Reduced up-front cost of highly efficient lighting

Lighting Upgrades for California Businesses

Illuminate California offers incentives for the following lighting products when they are installed in commercial and industrial buildings.

Type B LED T8 Tubes

Type C LED T8 Tubes

High Bay and Low Bay Luminaires
(including retrofit kits)

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The program is available in Southern California Edison Company, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and San Diego Gas and Electric Company service territories. Southern California Edison Company, on behalf of itself, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and San Diego Gas and Electric Company, has contracted with TRC Solutions Inc. (TRC) to design and implement an energy efficiency program and to deliver the resulting energy and demand savings to SCE. TRC’s program is a statewide midstream lighting program for qualifying non-residential customers. Customers receive services and/or compensation directly, or indirectly, from TRC based on individual agreements between the customer and TRC or TRC’s subcontractors (Customer Agreement). SCE is not a party to, or a guarantor of, the Customer Agreement. SCE has no contractual obligation, directly or indirectly, to the customer. SCE is not liable for any actions or inactions of TRC, or any distributor, vendor, installer, or manufacturer of product(s) purchased. SCE does not recommend, endorse, qualify, guarantee or make any representations or warranties regarding the services, work, quality, financial stability or performance of TRC or any of TRC’s distributors, contractors, subcontractors, installers of products, or any product brand listed on TRC’s website or provided, directly or indirectly, by TRC. Prior to entering into a Customer Agreement, customers should thoroughly review the terms and conditions of such Customer Agreement so they are fully informed of their rights and obligations under the Customer Agreement, and should perform their own research and due diligence, and obtain multiple bids or quotes when seeking a contractor to perform work of any type. TRC is responsible for meeting their contractual obligations to SCE. If TRC fails to meet their contractual obligations to SCE under their agreement with SCE, SCE may have the right to terminate the agreement between SCE and TRC.