Become a Program Partner

Leverage cash incentives for high performance lighting equipment to generate increased sales. Illuminate California offers:

  • Quick incentives payments as soon as 45 days
  • No pre-install inspection or approval
  • No measurement and verification
  • One program across multiple IOU service territories

Distributors, retailers, and wholesalers that purchase commercial lighting equipment directly from a manufacturer are eligible to join the Partner Network.

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How to Participate

Illuminate California provides incentives to replace existing lighting with higher efficiency products in qualified commercial and industrial buildings across California.


Illuminate California provides higher incentives for equipment installed in high energy use buildings that will yield the most energy savings. View the incentives chart to see what the program offers for each qualified product based on building type, lumen efficacy, and lumen output.

View the Incentives Catalog

Click here to download the Excel version of the incentives chart. Contact us to request our quick and easy incentive calculator tool.

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High Bay Luminaires

Find Qualified Products

Visit the Manufacturers page to view the criteria for qualified lighting products.

Partners can also use the program’s qualified products list to find products that meet program requirements. The program will periodically update the list with the latest information. All products must have DesignLights Consortium┬« (DLC) qualification.

The qualified products list is available to enrolled Program Partners by request.