Identify Qualified Lighting Products

Illuminate California provides incentives to reduce the cost of Type B and Type C LED T8 Tubes and high and low bay luminaires. Program requirements for 2023 are coming soon.

Type B T8 Lamp

Type B LED T8 Tubes
(Ballast Bypass)

Type C T8 LED Lamp

Type C LED T8 Tubes
(External Driver)

High Bay Luminaires

High Bay and Low Bay LED Luminaires (including retrofit kits)

To meet program requirements, products must have DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) qualification (DLC premium not required). Exterior lighting is not eligible for incentives.

Reach Out to Your Distributors

Make sure your distributors enroll in the program.

Encourage distributors, retailers, and wholesalers to sign up for the program and stock qualified products.

Share a list of your program-qualified products.

Make selling your product easy. Review our Program Partner list to identify enrolled distributors and provide them with a list of your program-qualified products.

Contact Us for Support

Our team is available to review the program requirements with you and help you reach out to distributors.

Contact us via email at or phone at 844-888-7722.